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Two Lonely Ladies was founded out of a love and appreciation for beauty, kindness, and friendship. With that in mind, all of our cards are created with an eye toward meaningful messages & delightful drawings. We hope our cards bring to life the joy of both giving and receiving a paper good.

Two Lonely Ladies is driven by two cousins, Erin & Stephanie, whose strengths and talents differ widely but beautifully complement one another.

Erin has an eye for visual aesthetics and a talent for art. She loves all pretty things, from flowers to clothing to a well-designed room—and a stunning card, of course! She creates all of the illustrations for Two Lonely Ladies. She designs with important relationships in mind and the understanding that a beautiful card can be a pick-me-up in the busy person’s day.

Stephanie, the yang to Erin’s yin, is a lover and collector of words. A bookworm from her early days, she loves penning a hand-written note, even if it is just to give a friend a “hello.” She does the same with these cards, putting pen to paper (or cursor to computer) to brainstorm messages worthy for you to send to those who mean the most to you.

Two Lonely Ladies constantly strives to bring fresh designs and sentiments to our cards, so you always have access to a special note for a special someone. We aim to celebrate relationships, not just occasions.